ASE is looking for some one like you!!!

First off, If you are to here bash us PLEASE DO NOT Comment we are trying to Recruit and we do not need people who were kicked out of clans posting things in our post. It is Disrespectful and Immature!!! Now If you are 16 yrs and Up and looking for a Fun and Realistic GTA IV Police Clan then Keep Reading Thanks :)

Hello and Welcome to Alderney Safety Enforcement!! 

We are a GTA IV xbox 360 Police Role-playing Clan. 

We have been together as a clan for almost 11 months now but under a different name. Our clan does not claim to be the BEST our there because we are NOT. we currently have 16 members that are very active. No not all 16 people are in patrols all the time and that's okay some day we will but for now the most we have is 9-10 at a time. 

We are currently recruiting any one from the ages 16 and Up. If you are Under 16 please do not apply or sign up on our forums. ASE has structured ranking systems, divisions, and rules set in place. If you are forum and patrol active then you most likely will get promoted to a ranked promotion with in a few months. Our clan does not and never will compete or form alliances with other Police clans out there. If you would like to join a fun but realistic police clan and meet the Following requirements: 

I. Working non echo mic 

II. GTA IV & The Ballod of *** Tony 


IV. Are 16 and UP - We do not discriminate against. ***, handicap. race or disability. 

V. A positive attitude but the ability to have fun and follow orders from a High ranking officer 

THEN we want you just simply go to once you go to our Web site. Register with a VAILD email- We check this and also a VAILD xbox gamer tag once again we check this one too. once you are there and activated fill out an clan application if you meet the requirements. once the Application is filled out wait 2-3 days for an answer. Please do not spam us with messages saying did my application get accepted. When your application reaches us you will receive in your email a message saying that your application has been recieved. Once that happens your application will be voted on by our Application Team members which is Ranked Officers from Corporals up to the Commissioner. If you are declined it could be for several reasons. One of our Bureau Chieff's made a application Tip section in the Clan Application section so you will see that when you get ready to fill out an application. 

We have the following Divisions in our Clan 

• Dispatch- If you have previous dispatch in another clan we would love to talk to you 

• Fire|EMS 

The other divsions we have require you to wait till you have done a month worth of patrols then you may apply when the applications are open are 

• Crook Certification 

• Detective Bureua 

• S.W.A.T. 

• Aviation 

Once again Much Thanks for taking the time to Visit us today and we hope to have you as a clan member with us. On our off times we play BFBC2, Fable III, Free mode GTA and BOGT Private only.. Fortress Craft, Red Dead and many more. So we try to stick together and become wonderful friends. See you in Patrol Soon!!! :D

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Your divisions sound very close to LCES. Not trying to start anything but "Crook Certification" is a dead giveaway.

I do not copy other peoples Clan!!!!

I give up I try to recruit people for our clan then get accused of stealing LCES stuff WOW I really thought people would just reply to an post saying I would like to join not accuse me of stealing some one else's stuff I have been at the clan business since 2009 so I know what I am doing.

We have crooks in our clan and you have to be certified so that is what I meant by crook Certification.. For all those interested in joining please come visit us.. Thanks we are a bunch of great guys that like to have fun but play realistically...

Thanks Cork

LegendofGTA, stop lurking and let people run their clans, you're getting a bit annoying, every time I come on here I see your name and all you do is tell people how to run their clans.. Oh and hi Cork, long time no see buddy ^-^

Hi Wesley good to see you man :)

Cork; chill the H out man. U obviously don't take criticism very well. Also, I've been running clans since 2009 as well and have been for the past three years now, so I know what I'm talking about! I visit these forums a lot so I'll be around for a while. If you don't want advice, fine; I won't bug you anymore. There is such a thing as freedom of speech on forums regardless, and it says nowhere that I can't post here. Bye!

Before I go. Cork; the only reason I said that was because I use to be a member of LCES. I saw their forums and there was a section on there called "Crook Certification". I have NEVER seen another clan use that except LCES. You are probably the first. Once again; I was just trying to help. Not many people visit these forums. You are better off posting/advertising on the official clan section. That is the last time I will offer advice. Do not wish to leave with bad blood. May your clan live long and prosper.

Thank you for that I appreciate that and there will be no bad blood I thought this was the clan discussion forum it's not easy since they switched the things around lol