Ascend: Hand of Kul

I cant believe I wasted my time downloading this only to find out I cant even get past the start screen cause i'm not a gold member, So I cant even play the single player part,  yeah "free to play"


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Isn`t live free at the moment?

Every free game pretty much required Gold on LIVE. It's been like this since the 360 came out.

So, I pay for gold and there should be no benefit for me?  That would kinda defeat the purpose of buying a membership...


" Free with GOLD".... not silver

Almost all the free to play games require a gold membership.
Ascend is an online only game I believe anyway so of course it would require a membership. 

You get like 3 or 4 free 1 month gold with each Xbox.If you havent used them all and have a credit card make a new account, play for 29 days and cancel.

There's a free gold access weekend for the US and a bunch of other regions.   Try it now.