Asari vanguard vs. Asari adept

Who would you choose for a gold mission and why?  What upgrades and tactics would be best for a gold run? 

I played a gold mission vs Cerberus as an Adept and made it to wave 10 and then everything fell apart, I was curious if maybe the Asari vanguard is better, or maybe I didn't upgrade my Adept properly. Any tips on upgrading powers and tactics would be appreciated. 


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I've never played Gold but from what I read in the other thread about how to win at Gold, Vanguards are a big no-no.

You want Adepts, Engineers, Inflitrators - at least that's what the pros say.

I have not played Gold, but common sense is a virtue.


Upgrade Fitness completely, choosing Health Bonuses the whole time. If they are close enough for you you melee, you already failed.


Upgrade Throw like a boss choosing Force. This has a low cooldown and you can put down a wave of enemies easily.


Stasis should be partially upgraded as to stop Phantoms and Nemesis from moving around.


Warp should be fully upgraded to take down Barriers and Armor.


Carry only the weapon you need. I would suggest the Planax. It is accurate and does more damage than the Mattock with very little weight.

This is a VERY easy answer. Asari Adept and make sure your recharge is 200%.  Which means if you choose properly, you can carry an SMG AND a Pistol and still have 200%.     Vanguards usually get owned on gold. In fact I have yet to see a single Vanguard sucessfully complete gold. I even have a couple friends that dominate in bronze and silver with the vanguards but simply cant survive on gold.  Especially if they try to use biotic charge. They will die almost instantly.

Asari Adept is a no doubter for me.

Having the ability to offer complete crowd control with Stasis Bubble that can trap pesky Phantoms/Nemesis and of course the endless biotic bombs caused by Warp/Throw combo which even by themselves are deadly even on enemies like the Atlas, is a perfect playstyle for me personally.

Simply put I'm not the type of player to use Vanguard, it's a fun class no doubt especially on lower difficulties where if used correctly you can pretty much decimate everything in general, but it just doesn't suit my fancy if you will when attempting Gold challenges. I'm sure the Asari Vanguard, again if used correctly in tandem with other classes on Gold could do quite well if you strike the right balance, but like Camaro said I simply haven't seen one in which I didn't have to save because they constantly get downed due to the player using the class too aggressively.

If I'm not using my Asari Adept then it's either the Human Engineer or Quarian Infiltrator, so I'm pretty much a support player.

On gold, the vanguards can be effective body guards for infiltrators, especially when the Geth hunters are on the prowl.

Adept.  It's not even close.  Spamming Throw can save an entire squad.  You may not get the most points, but you will be key to the win if you do it right.  I play the class completely as support.  I upgraded my Stasis tree to include making enemies who are caught in it more vulnerable to weapons.  Then I use a Mantis X to take them down with headshots.  As long as groups are at range, I use this method, but when they close in, I start using Throw to keep us from getting mobbed.  This allows the heavy hitters in the squad to concentrate on big enemies.