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I see in the forums a lot about people complaining  about artillery support when they are in trouble.  Here’s some tips to keep in mind from those of us who are team-players (as opposed to lone-wolves): 

1)     Remember, Arty cannot shoot through mountains, and as long as it takes to line up an accurate shot, it takes a minute.  If you can draw the enemy out from behind a
cliff or building, it is helpful. 

2)     Being so darned slow, arty will generally hang near the rear of the map, or a formation of tanks.  Range is limited.  If you race clear to the opposite end of the
map to mark targets, don’t expect arty support; we probably cannot reach you.  I love the light tanks but stay within range of arty. 

3)     If you are getting the stuff knocked out of you, tag a target and hide.  But keep in mind, it takes a while for the arty to line up for an accurate shot, so if your target disappears off of the map, take a peak (scout it) so arty can see it again.

4)     Speaking of scouts, I love watching light tanks zooming around the map spotting targets, it’s almost comical at times (arty gets a birds-eye view of the map if you aven’t tried it).  However, if you run out into a group of tanks with your little shoebox, you’re going to get wasted fast.  Spot the tanks then hide to wait for mediums and heavies to back you up and to give arty a chance to line up.  Remember, a big arty gun can only fire about 3 shots per minute.  To help with accuracy, once the enemy icon disappears off the map, spot it again.

5)     I personally give priority to those who message for fire support.  Secondly to those calling an “SOS”.  For those who just enjoy sending our random messages, arty cannot look around the map without turning the gun.  Please do not pull our attention from the front of our main force just so you can play with your commo button.

6)     If you call for help, get some distance between you and the enemy.  If you are calling an SOS, then I assume you are in trouble and I need to get a shot off before I can wait for the gun to accurately line up, if you are close to the target (or in physical contact) there is a chance you are going to get hit too.

7)     Some of us are TEAM-players and will do our best to support you in battle, but if an SOS comes from the base, for the sake of whatever deity you venerate, HELP. It’s probably your arty.  Have you ever seen how slow arty shoots or turns, we’re helpless against medium tanks and larger.  Heavy arty has a good chance against light
and tank killers in close combat, and there is always a chance for you to get a kill if you stay close enough to home to give us cover.


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Thank You This should be required reading before anyone plays WoT

Good reads, since you seem to have a above average idea of the players on the 360 version though. lol

I have a question about ammo types, Most the arty I use has two type standard then the premium rounds however a few have HE rounds that have the same Penetration as the standard but a much higher total damage output. Is there a down side to using them over the standard round? For example the TIV German Arty has 3 rounds standard, HE and then the premium ones. Why not always use the HE as they do upto 100 more damage.

Cost of rounds is a factor.

If its only cost I will opt for the slightly more expensive HE rounds (not the gold/silver bought ones) when I can (some arty don't have them, only ones I have seen with them are German ones)

Thank you, very helpful post.

As a guy that loves running arties, I can't like this post enough.. even if it is old. Nice work!