Article on CNN- "Creators Strive for Emotion..."

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I don't particularly participate too much on forums but I was just over on looking over the news that transpired today.  Afterwards, as I was just about to go to another website, a Battlefield 3 article caught my eye.

You can read it here:


While the article was ok, it is my reason for posting.  I was reading some of the comments that were made pertaining to the article at the bottom of the page.  All the usual comments were made, saying Battlefield is way better, and you also get one or two people that say they're getting both CoD and Battlefield 3- etc., etc., etc.  Anyway, one certain comment caught me off guard and I just started laughing!  I laughed for a solid minute or so.  The username "beachandbeer" made the comment and "hurricane9" replied to his comment.  Here it is:



"I have had a massive wood for the last 6 months, since i first heard about it. It has not gone away... it seems to be only growing by the day until it is finally released. Then it will probably stick around for several months afterwards, possibly even growing some more. Its beginning to hurt...."

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                                     "If you need to get rid of it, go watch some of the trailers for Call of Duty MW3."
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That is pretty funny

Hahaha, comment gold!