Art Connoisseur / Fly Swatter Achievement

After getting all the paintings in all the cities, I still don't have the Art Connoisseur achievement.

Is this a glitch, or do I have to start all over with the game?


I have finished the game now, and I still need the Fly Swatter achievement as well.

Is it still possible to go back to an earlier sequence and use the Flying Machine to get the achievement, or am I doomed?


Also... Where in the World, or rather, in Italy, can I find sand to throw in the guards' faces???


Thanks for the help!


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Cant help you with anything else but for the sand you need to goto the combat trainer in Monteriggioni. Select special moves and then do unarmed combat. This will teach you how to throw sand. Hope that helped !

Can't go back in memories. You can't replay memories like in AC or AC:B. You'll either need to play a new game or get the DLC for Forli and use the flying machine on the tower.

First no idea why you haven't got the Art Connoisseur achievent but it's best to go to every single Art Merchant in every single city to make sure there aren't any you've missed.

Once you've finished the game got to Forli and go to the Special Memory there and you will be able to fly Leonardo da Vinci's Flying Machine again.

Sand to throw, easy got to the trainer in Mario's Villa nd go to specila moves then select unarmed combat and you will learn how to throw sand.

Some art merchants will possibly have new stock since you last checked so it might be worth just taking a quick look at each and every one again.

For the sand, just hold X while locked on in a fight and unarmed.

You will gather sand in your hand.

Release it and you will spray it in your targets face.