Arrival DLC question

How do I start it? I loaded up my saved game and everything else is completed. I tried talking to people, flying around, resetting and nothing. Please tell me they don't expect me to make a new character to trigger this?


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Did you already talk to Admiral Hackett to activate the mission?

Nope that's the problem, nothing will trigger. I even tried deleting the DLC and reinstalling it and nothing.

I do not wanna start over under any circumstance. Maybe replaying the last mission would help? Don't wanna do that either but it's a better alternative.

Have you checked to see if you've received a email from Admiral Hackett? That'll trigger a cutscene with Hackett informing you of the mission you need to do for Arrival. It's usually triggered as soon as you check your terminal. You shouldn't have to create a new character for this, as it's the last bridging DLC between ME2 and ME3 (Check out some of the trailers on youtube for ME3, and you'll see possible outcome from this mission there imo). Let us know how it went.

I can't try it right now but I think I might've figured out the problem. When I tried it I put in disc 1, because I'm used to starting games that way. It dawned on me that the end of the game is on disc 2 and that might be holding this back. I'll try when I get a chance later today.


But yeah I tried email and every other interaction I could think of. If this disc2 thing doesn't work I don't know what to do.

Hmm... that's weird. Even though Arrival (as well as Lair of the Shadow Broker and Overlord could be considered endgame dlc), you get the email usually comes after Horizon (or after you've escaped the Collector ship, one of the two). I have heard that to rectify this problem (happened to a friend of mine), they ended up resorting to formatting their HDD and starting again. Another suggestion, would be to start from a earlier saved file, as that may allow the email to come through.

So I figured it out. Disc 2 needed to be in. Can't believe I didn't think of it when it first happened. I can't believe it just doesn't come up and tell you to insert the other disc. Thanks for the help guys my bad.