Array freezes my xbox

Anyone have an idea why everytime the map Array totally freezes my xbox... its the only map it does this to... I checked my disc and it doesnt have a single scratch on it... I dont get it




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try installing the game to the hard drive,if it installs your disc is fine.

Never heard of a single map doing that to your system. What type of console are you on? My original Xbox used to have freezing problems on the newer games till I got a new Elite last year.

Mine freezes every so often. I haven't had it be map specific. At least I haven't noticed it, as it doesn't happen that often anymore. On my original 360 it would freeze pretty frequently, but not nearly as often on the Elite. IT happens in Combat training as well as MP live, so I'm not sure what the cuase is.

my friend had the same issue on mw2,it was a faulty disc.

he did manage to get it on to the hard drive and it fixed it,as the xbox only then reads the security on the disc when you use it.

you could try borrowing a friends disc to install to your hard drive then go back to yours for regular use.

indeed try to install it.. i got some issues with some games.. even on my elite.. but when i install them my problems go away

Have you tried turning the heat up in your room? Array does have a lot of snow in it....... I know bad joke but I tried.

Well, array does look pretty cold.