Armour: Function or form?

When outfitting your Shepard, do you equip armour pieces that give the best bonuses or what looks the best?


I confess I ignore what bonuses the pieces give me and equip my Shepards as best as I can to replicate the look of their armours from the first game.


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I'm with you on that I didn't care  about armor perks as much as I did about how it looked. I got a little picky with the weapons tho I was able to run around in a weak but cool looking  armor because I had the best weapons with me plus I would trick out my squad with the best equipment so they could fight better and give me a little more breathing room if I needed to back off and recharge my health.

I'm trying to remember what they're called, maybe it's the stimulator conduits or something, anyway, the one that helps you dash and sprint faster.  I used this, even though it looks a little cheesy, in my Insanity run alot for often I needed to get away from swarms of husks or needed to scramble for cover...:-)

Pick my armour purely based on the gender and the class I'm playing and absolutely nothing to do with the actually bonuses.


Infiltrators always have the visor and off-hand ammo pack.


Soldier/Vanguard always wear the heavy weapon ammo pack.


Females always wear the Kestrel armour legs (unless Soldier/Vanguard).


Males always wear the Kestrel armour chest piece.


Everything else just depends on the colour scheme I choose, and the look I'm going for - although I do love the asymmetric shoulder piece.