does the armor do anything? or just for show


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Just for show except Specialization armors.

What is specialization armor? And what do they do? For example???

Wetwork: Makes Assasinations faster and only shows an outline of the Spartan for Promethean Vision.

Operator: Makes vehicles more durable and makes them resistant to EMPs.


There are more but not explaning them all. They can be used when you get Spartan Rank 50.

I thought the armor mod gave you the ability, not the armor itself. What's the point of all the customization if you have to look like everyone else to gain new abilities?

Speclizations are seperate classes and have their own traits that are always active.

So to gain the abilities, you must wear the armor? Once again, what's the point of customization then?

Because the customizing is for your looks really. When you get a specialization I believe you can change their armor still.

The customization is just for your "player card"

Someone here has poor reading comprehension.