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ok im making nord/warrior swrd/shield  wont use much magic resto only  light or hvy armor is there a huge diff?  and dragonscale or deadric if hvy is the way


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Well if you want better defence go for heavy armour, if you want even more defence (but less damage) take a shield and a 1-handed weapon (personally I like the war-axe). However if you prefer to use stealth and sneak around light armour is much better and will weigh you down less at a cost of defence stats (though it still offers decent protection).

Light armour is really best suitable for stealth archers and/or mages only (though your pure mage is best in enchanted robes).


If you're into melee weapons, heavy armour is the best  way to go - and if you're concentrating on two-handed weapon (no shield), heavy armour is the ONLY way to go.

Daedric is better than Dragon Armor.  The only problem with it is that the Daedra hearts that are required to make it are tough to find.  By the time you can unlock the Dragon armor at the smith shop you have plenty of bones and scales for it.

If light armor it's Dragon.  Too bad no dragon weapons. But don't Elven and glass weapons look epic?

Get your smithing to 100 as quickly as possible. Make Dragonplate or Daedric armor and craft a nice weapon.  Then get your enchanting skill raised up so you can enchant all of your gear and become darn near invincible.  I was able to max out my smithing skill by killing animals, taking their pelts and making leather bracers so I didn't have to find iron ore veins to mine or keep wasting money buying them from vendors.

ebony armor

I've got my Smithing and Light Armor at 100 already.

I've never been a Heavy Armor fan. Light does the job, even with my crazy in-yo-face combat tactics.

I did what OR3GONIZ3D did as well with a twist.  I got the Soul Trap spell and bought a bunch of empty gems.  I would go out hunting and trap as many souls as I could as well as collect as many pelts as I could.  I would also take all of my money and buy as much iron as I could.

Then I would create as many iron daggers as I could first, then create as many leather bracers as I could.  I would then go to an Arcane Enchanter and enchant as many daggers as I could and if I had gems left over I would do some bracers.  

Then you can go around and sell your daggers and make some good money.  Eventually, you'll have enough money where you don't need to hunt.  You can just go around buying pelts, iron, and filled gems.

This is an easy (although timely) way to get your Enchanting and Armor up to 100.  It also helps you Speechcraft doing all that trading.  

Now my enchantments are 100% more powerful and my armor is 80% more powerful so I'm rocking 620 armor rating with Daedric Armor as well as a 143 Damage Daedric Mace.  I haven't died in a very long time and I'm decapitating fools like crazy.