Arkhiem RPG Fantasy Map

 I am currently working on "Arkheim," a Fantasy-Roleplay map of kingdoms and conquest. In Arkhiem my role is prince of Plumeshire. what will you be? what kingdom will you join, or will you settle your own? all questions may be answered when you join Arkhiem! Also please keep to the rules and respect others, posting a requested bio on this forum is appreciated but not required (not everything is guaranteed. please keep bio in the following format:


Name: (First) (Last is optional)

Age: (Young, Mature, Adult, etc)

Title: (Lord, Prince, Smith, etc)

Weapon of Choice: (Mace, Spear, Shortsword, Dagger, Magic, etc)

Class (if applicable): (Assassin, Warrior, Wizard, etc)

Personality Notes: (something short, not your life story. try adjectives)

Additional Requests: (Questions about what you may have or just about the game.)



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