Arkham City First Impressions

Outstanding. That's the first word that's comes to my mind after playing Arkham City. Outstanding.

Everything that could have possibly been improved from Arkham Asylum has been. There's more gadgets, more melee attacks/combos, more unlockables, more sidequests, more villains, more environments. Basically, Arkham City is just more.

The visuals are more or less the same as Arkham Asylum with minor improvements.

The music is excellent.

The combat feels more in-depth and responsive.

The Detective Mode has been completely overhauled. It's more in-depth and at the same time more streamlined. It goes for more of an augmented reality feel.

The gliding mechanic has also been completely overhauled. It's now more like gliding in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Overall, Arkham City is a 10/10 for any Batman fan. I'm only still at the very beginning but I've already seen enough to know that Arkham City is the best Batman game ever made.


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One of the only things I wanted when Arkham Asylum was over was "More". That's what that game left me wanting "More". From what little I played I could already tell that's exactly what Arkham City is giving us. The opening sequence was fantastic and I already can't wait to put in more stick time and explore more of the city.

I am so pumped for this game, I have it coming I just can wait for it.  Good review Big boss, you got me hooked even more

I have to agree with everything said so far! Everything about this game screams EPIC! My favorite new feature, so far, is the smoke pellet. It makes for some fun fight sequences.

agreed fellas...there is a TON to do in Arkham City...i honestly dont know where to begin.I too am also in very beginning...and already there is a lot on my plate...enjoy fellas...have fun exploring!

loving every sec of it. worth every penny.

My personal "Game of the Year" hands down. Been looking forward to the game since it was announced.

So far, best nnew feature in my opinion is Catwoman as a playable.  I love her combat system (although her whip is a tiny bit cluky, it still packs a good sized punch).  Also like how shes able to scale walls and cielings (like a cat burgler of her skills should be able to).  When I get frustrated in the combat maps with Bats, I'll switch to her .(in the animated costume - it looks really odd against the different "non animated series" art style of the rest of the game) and it makes it totally fun again.

Yes, indeed. We are in for a ride...put on the cape and come on in...this game is rocking! Zero complaints.

Even the main title screen is EPIC, with the music and all. This game is so full of WIN!!! :D