Arkham City cosutumes?

I finished the main story last night, which I really enjoyed!

But after it said that I can now use any alternate costumes in my game, thing is I dont know how or if I even have any other additional costumes.

After finishing the main story Batmans costumes pretty much thrashed haha, so can anyone tell me how you use these extra costumes or how you unlock them?


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You get the option once you start a new game plus (after loading or continue) or when continue the game that you already beat the same way (after loading or continue). Note that when you continue game that you already beat it start in Episode 4 of Catwoman . The costumes are the pre - order bonuses in retail stores that would be available to buy on Dec.  If you  got it in Walmart i guess you only have  Catwoman costumes.

You still can get Batman Beyond costume...check the NOS thread that Deacon made in this forum or Batman AC forums for more info how to get it.

Remember though that to access new game + you need to have finished the game on Normal or above.

Ahh yea thats whats up I guess I dont have any pre-order costumes so thats why its not giving me the option. Oh well.

Pre-order packages at walmart gave me the GOTY edition of the first one for free, so thats way better of a deal anyway.


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