Arkham City classic Batman costume preorder bouns.









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Man if you didn't have that source i would say it was fake, because to me it seemed like it might have been photo shopped. I don't know though i think i like his new costume. The black and goldish-yellow are really cool and really goes with "Dark Knight" because that is what batman is a Knight who stays in the shadows and protects Gotham City the best he can.

According to the forums, this is pretty old news. I didn't know about it until two days ago, though. I would have liked Nolan's version of Batman's costume but it would have been difficult to get the rights for it. Or maybe even the Batman: Beyond Terry McGinnis suit? I've seen a two-face like Batman suit that'd be pretty cool.

When you mention "Nolan's version", which one?  I liked the Batsuit in 'Batman Begins" much better, 'The Dark Knight' suit (with the movable plates) didn't quite have the right look to me.  The 'Batman Begins" suit looked awesome in its simplicity, it even had an "Adam West" look to it.  The Batman Beyond suit would be a gem and even open the door for a Terry McGuiness entrance into the video game world (not to dismiss the N64 'Return Of The Joker' game).  It most doubtedly would be a little tricky for RockSteady to pull off for the basic functions of the suit are different (No Cape, Jet Shoes, etc.).  Remember, that that suit also cloaked with a mere touch of a belt buckle...:-)

Oh, I meant the 'Batman Begins' version, although I liked both versions. I agree, the suit was very simple and would therefore be easy to design in-game. I hope they release alternate suits via DLC in the future and that we're able to use them in the storyline. What do you guys think about co-op for Arkham City? I know it's not possible this late in development but I mean it could be released as DLC later on and I think they could really pull it off with Catwoman and Batman or Batman and Robin. Or even (and this is a longshot) Batman and ... dun dun DUN Nightwing. :)

Eh..No co-op, these types of games are better left alone and not adding co-op. I think the leaders boards for the challenges is as far as i want it to go with live stuff.

However i would like to see a DLC for Nightwing to be used in challenge mode.

I hope all of the DLC is released later on for all of us to get by having it available on Xbox Live like Rockstar did with LA Noire's DLC.