Ark survival evolved preview program question

While browsing the web for Ark's release date I noticed that it will be available with the preview program but that made me wonder which one because I'm not a member of the xbox preview program that gives early access to console updates but in games coming soon there is a game called Sheltered and it has a (Game Preview) tag so does that mean everyone on xbox one can preview Ark or only preview program members


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2 types of Servers that you can join or create.

Dedicated server.  The world is persistent and continues to exist even when you are not there. If you select this then the settings will probably allow for close proximity voice chat.  i.e. get within a certain distance of people and if they have a mic you will hear them and they will hear you.

Remember that being in a Party Chat means you can't hear game chat and the other way around.

Non-dedicated multiplayer hosting server.

This is when you host a game or join your friends game.  The game only happens when the host is there but everyone's stuff saves.  So if you got to level 5 in your buddies game and he logs off, it kicks you out of the game... but when he invites you back or you rejoin... you are level 5 again with all your stuff still.

Here's an "Ark Survival Evolved Basics" thread which may have useful tips for people starting out:

I have the preview and it's great. I was just wondering how to voice chat in game? I figured out how to text chat but I'm just wondering if you can actually do it or not.

It'll be in the game preview as far as i know so anyone can download it & give it a try.