Arizona Killer plus another random question

Probably been answered but please help all the same.   Everytime I approach the Dam trailing Cato the Rangers come out shooting and its a quick fail of the mission.    This is the last ending of the 4 different ones that I need to play thru.   Any hints please, do I need to stay right on him like white on rice (he seems to blow by me and leaving me sucking dust), or do I slowly amble in, just not sure...I have a save right after we get done camping so I have the luxury of some trial and error but after a few attempts last night I got frustrated.


Completely unrelated but HH achievements dont seem to be showing up under the dashboard so I don't remember which ones I have.   I have tried looking at it from the dashboard, guide button and comparing with some friends but the acheivement list for this game seems glitched out.   Anyone have any solutions or is it a "wait till Bethesada fixes it this and other things" type issue?   I think I dropped the ball on some Zion ones but just not sure.  


thanks for any and all assistance






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Reminds me of the time I was in the store in Boulder City and thought I would just try on the Great Khan outfit I had acquired to see what it would look like before I sold it....needless to say, sure was glad for the autosave in the doorway...

Thanks, turns out it was what I was wearing (Joshua's outfit from HH).   Thought when Cato said here wear this and we camped that it switched my outfit.   Once I did it myself I rolled right thru it.   Appreciate the responses, sometimes things are so obvious that its easy to overlook them.

you must wear the disguise your given and still stay as far away from the Rangers as possible

don't Vats, scope him

check your armor faction. I had this happen with legion, as I was wearing ncr after a mission(which now that I think of it, was arizona killer).

use a stealth boy ... there are so many ways to kill him.

- sabotage speakers

-sabotage helicopter

-snipe him