Are you serious?

wtf is wrong with you? First of all fix this *** psting problem I cant delete nth with backspace! Then seriously? Getting attacked by invisible enemies and trying to talk to invisible npc?


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dude, chill! any game of this sort will come with teething problems, at the end of the day it has only been released for less than 24 hrs.

iv played MMORPGs for many years and to be honest i cannot see this being any different release wise, than any of the others.

WOW had issues on day 1 and look how that went.

relax and all will be well

I'm not relaxed mate when I cant complete a quest cause I don't see the npc but I see its name! Cant interact with it and then quests are not completed and don't wanna be bothered getting back again in a low lvl zone just to complete quests!

And writing here is a pain lol