Are Weapons Faction Specific?

Just a quick question for those with the alpha; Are the weapons faction specific? i.e. USMC can only use M4, M16, etc... Russians can only use AK74, etc...

MoH was that way, at least until you unlocked the right to use enemy weapons. Although realistic, it would be kind of annoying.


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I heard a rumor about this being true, but only at the beginning. Don't quote me, though.

Yes they are.

Might be able to unlock when at a higher level.

thats the way BF2 was

I hope not. I didn't enjoy how that played out in Medal of Honor. Too few of weapons and restricted based on team made the game feel to minimal. I like lots of varied weapons so I can choose from quite an assortment of weapons. I can't base any opinion on BF2, only played it for 4 hours so far.

It works fine. you get used to using different weapons and makes the game more challenging.

Maybe like BC2?