Are there still any un-patched glitches for unlimited xp?

Wanna start over without all the time to level up. Please advise.


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how do i unpatch circle of doom on my xbox 360 all the information seems to be for the old dashboard

I think you'll find that leveling up is a big part of the fun, but you'll see for yourself.


1) Play until Joe Cobb appears.

2) Offer to help him, then go kill Ringo.

3) Offer to go get supplies from the Doctor/Merchant in town, then immediately kill him and the others.

4) Go to Chet, he's the merchant, and repeatedly ask for supplies. You'll need 25 Speech or Barter.


Looking to buy some supplies?

I can confirm that the all parts of the Goodsprings glitch still works.

Man, you know me. I'm ALWAYS up to buy some supplies ; )