Are there any cheaters on this game?

Please, explain me this: Yestarday I was playing Bf1943 and spot one camper with a rifle in gualdacanal so i shot him in the head, but he didn´t died...ok, maybe there  was some lag, so I shot him in the head again and he didin´t died AGAIN?!?!?WTF!! He didn´t even moved after 2 shots in the head?!?!?And was campering as a Riflleman?!?! Yes he was an IJN and I was Marine so we weren´t on the same team. And on the same round, I saw a Marine sniper switching betwen a rifle and a Sniper rifle normaly like someone exchanges Sniper rifle and pistol (again, no there was nothing on the ground- I´m sure I was protecting the base). WTF is goin on!?!?!Is there some sort of unlock if your level is high enough or something? Oh yeah, I didn´t play this game for lot´s of time but I can do headshots, this is my specs with a Sniper rifle:

  • Kills: 795
  • Headshots: 471
  • Accuracy:
  • 0 (don´t undrestand this one u.u)

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I've played this game up to max rank and beyond and have never seen anything like what you're talking about.

Battlefield games use dedicated servers. There can be NO CHEATING WHATSOEVER on the consoles.

The pc versions are more vulnerable to cheating than the console versions.

Whatever issues you are having can most likely be attributed to lag.  If you are far away from the server which is hosting the game you are in, you will likely have serious issues.

I have a really good connection and I still get lag. This is proof enough that nothing is perfect on teh interwebz.

If you want to see ppl cheat, I suggest you get some hands on experience with the family of cod games.

Unless you consider 'cheating' to be using an exploit to go 'under' a map...then there is definitely cheating in BF1943, at least on some maps.

I don't know about cheaters, but I've seen some.....odd......things myself.  Like Tiger, I've maxed out rank on this game also, and have been focusing and hooked on BFBC2, but still go back to 1943 every so often.  I've seen the soldier who wouldn't die, the guy who spawns almost immediately (in non-normal spawn areas), or in areas captured by the other team.  And no, none of his team members let alone squad is around.  Can't actually say they're cheating, and it may be what Saif said, Lag.  A buddy and I noticed while playing that these same two guys kept spawning wherever they wanted and seemed damn near impervious to grenades.  And anytime they were in the area, the system (his and mine (I'm in Ca he's in Az)) would experience that lag choppiness.  Got to the point, anytime we'd experience that, we'd stop and look around for these guys.....and sure enough, they'd be nearby.  Kinda odd to me.

only under map antics as previous user stated

I've experienced some pretty crazy stuff in this game, but nothing on the level of cheating - usually just comical. Occasionally lag costs me a kill or shoots me across the road into a ditch or something, but for playing this as much as I have, I've never even seen the undermap thing myself.

Edit: Holy old topic, Batman! Haha, ignore this post.

Woah! Never seen that.

i never had a problem

I have never seen anyone cheat in this game.

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