Are the days for double tap gone? I know it hasnt been needed in MW3 or BO2....

Thats just it, all the weapons dont need any *fine tuning* to perform their best, you just pull the trigger and get the kill.


Its funny because even the BO2 load screens helpfull hints still says * fire automatic weapons in short burst to help improve accuracy* Now thats a load of *** new players, dont do that for one second in this title or you will die because #1 it wont improve your accuracy at all and #2 you die so fast in this title that if you even stop firing for a milisecond your screwed.


Every single weapon in this title is easy to use, there are no *tricky* weapons. Is this a good thing? i dont know?


But i remember having do double tap weapons in the past to get their full potential, SCAR from WM2 and Famas from BO are two examples. Hell, alot of people didnt even realise that if you double tapped the SCAR from MW2 you basicly had the same potential as the famas and M16 in MW2 but with the bonus of full auto at your side.


And yes the Famas in BO1 one was a little crazy, but the most people that moaned about it were the ones that did know how to use it, and it required the double tap to perform at its best, but most idiots that thought it was OP assumed it was like all the other AR's and you just had to full auto and YEEE HAA you got your kill. they were wrong, anything after 10 feet and full auto was useless basicly. ( and no it wasnt my most used weapon, the G11 was )


Im going of topic here, apology.


Why has this been non existant since MW3? and since none of the weapons require any effort other than pulling the trigger? what do we expect to see in the future?


When in the past the best weapons were always the hardest to master. And today the best weapons are the easiest to use?


Hell maybe in the future will have target finders that actually lock onto their target when you have them in your sights!!! WOULDNT THAT BE FUN!!!!!


dont laugh, its basicly here already.................. ^^


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Its attachments that effect weapons now too, instead of perks.

Only read part of the OP but i know that burst firing defo helps your accuracy at distance,I get quite a few long shots that way that i would'nt usually,Im just getting gold on my Swat 556 and im always using the select fire on it,it helps alot,I used to complain about that gun but now i find it a joy to use.

Ive had Diamond camo on my AR's for awhile now so its safe to say ive used them all alot, and ive never had to double tap any of them to improve my accuracy at range, infact its the opposite, it takes even longer to kill them.

@ Mitch, i dont know what your trying to say? and if your talking about grip, the only weapons ive seen an inprovement on are the Scorpion EVO, the MP7 and the LMG's. and even then double tap isnt nessisary.

Burst firing the scar that's about it everything else has little to no recoil. Why is cod always has 1 gun with insane recoil when the rest have next to none. Ak47 in mw3 jumped everywhere lol same with the scar in this game. want to make guns more powerful, while complaining they are too overpowered?

Scar H is always jumpy in all games,Same in BF3,also the AK47 in alot.I suppose they have to balance that 7.62 round out somehow.But on topic,Take the Swat for instance,someone is at a good distance from me,up in a window.He's rockin an AR or an LMG with a target finder and maybe a grip,Im using the Swat with select fire.The odds are against me,If i just open up full auto at the guy im not gonna hit him with every shot and i will usually get beat.I know for a fact that when i put on burst,9 times out of 10 as long as i aim right,Then i'll beat him.Thats how its been for me anyway.

[quote user="II EYEBALL2 II"]

...but i know that burst firing definitely helps your accuracy at distance; I get quite a few long shots that way...


^^ This. 100%

umm.....G3 double tap from cod4 anyone?

Feathering the trigger hasn't really been useful in COD since 2.

OP- You were saying something about Double Tap. That used to be a perk in COD that effected the weapon you carried in the loadout with Double Tap selected as a perk. I was simply stating that perks NO LONGER effect weapons, that attachments now have that role. If you meant double tap as in manually feathering the trigger, see the above post. The fully auto, no recoil, lasers of COD nowadays dont really need feathering.

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