Are new games being tampered with at stores? If so how? Often?

There just was a thread about somebody getting an opened brand new game from GameStop earlier. He said the games seal had been broken then resealed. He said they sold it to him brand new. Someone also talked about hacking on these discs and asking for sealed games instead of brand new games when going to these stores.

Uh how are we average consumers suppose to know if a brand new game hasnt been tampered with? And if it can be so easily tampered with how are we suppose to know if its the original game from the devs company?


I had a couple new games that just went blank on me. Put the disc in my console, nothing would come on, just a black screen. Couldnt get my money back for it.

I have always experienced problems when playing pretty much the majority of games I have bought. Walking on air, falling thru floor, screen going white, running across an entire map in 1 sec, misspelled words, all kinds of stuff. Ive had 3 consoles and none of em Ive owned over a year.




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So sealed games only. Not the 1s taken from display case thats behind the counter. Ok Ill try it. I hope my luck gets better this time.

Ive had 2 games that just went blank b4. Never could get my money back for it. I went to the store w/ the reciept and they said its been reformatted or something. They said it wasnt thier disc. The clerk even told me maybe it was b/c I rubbed lotion on it. I rubbed alchohol on it but how does that make it go blank?

Ive gotten 2 blank games b4. Brand new. got to the start menu, downloaded an online thing, and blank, black. Never went back to start menu

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Is anyone going to answer my question? This pms inflicted volunteer wouldnt. He came out da woodwork. I dont think Ive had a faster response on this forum yet

There's a few copies on display with the disc behind the counter, but gamestop exmployee's can take new games home, play em, return em and tag them as new again. So always ask for a sealed copy (online pass might be used/missing!) Even if it is a display copy, if your shelling out $60 at least make sure the disc is in perfect condition, sometimes you can barter with them over it being open box and get the price slashed a bit if you complain about it. I would still insist on sealed copy if paying $60.

To answer the original poster, no a retail disc cannot be hacked, assuming your console isn't broken and the disc is not scratched up, any typos or errors, glitches you find in games is likely just a bug.

Dont be dumb, the games arent being tampered with. Some copiues are put out on the shelf and they take thedisk out so it cantbe stolen. If there are no new copies behind the counter sealed you will get the shelf copy. The case has been opened and the game kept in a drawer in a sleeve. They take the game put it in the case and put a sticker on it so that. The game case still has all documents and online passes that it should come with.

This is kinda a post about an earlier post. (Gamestop opening new games now). You can go read it if you want.

Yeah Ive been to a Gamestop plenty. Uh.......

Ever been to a Gamestop? The displayed games are empty cases, the disk is behind the counter.

Not sure how anyone could "hack" a retail disk.