are my stats gone because of this?

so, we all know about the infamous hackers who went on a hacking spree known as Lulzsec....


one of their last targets was EA....and they successfully shutdown BF Heroes and hacked people who'd played it...EA was using unencrypted hash-data according to LS, so it was easy for them.

is that why i can never get my stats to properly display?


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The stats have been like this since they started updating the game, i think.

And do a search for the battlefield heroes hack or what it was.

There you should find a place to see if you are affected by the hack.

I've checked, and i'm not on the list

Do you have a link to that list? when I searched, I didn't find anything... (I only played BF Heroes when it was in Beta form)...

I didn't even like that game.

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