Are Mics Really ALWAYS Nessesary?

Like I can understand when playing like a Ranked blah blah blah match but some one people I dont see why people are such **** about it. I think its a choice. And to be honest I do just fine without using a mic or being in party chat if I do wish to talk to someone.

I dont like strangers.


I think its stupid that some games give an option to boot people who dont have mics. Like in Left 4 Dead you almost always get booted without one which is totally lame, I can hold my own I know that game by heart lol, and when im playing scavage or versus i'm always one of the ones saving other people and dealing the most damage. You dont have to have a mic in my opinion to play online.

People should stop being so retarded and boot happy.


anyways, discuss surely there is some people who agree with me on this.


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I NEVER wear a headset unless I'm in a private party with friends. When I'm trying to enjoy a game, I really don't need to listen to some racist 12 year old screaming and crying because I'm not following his instructions.

Yeah it is kind of dumb. I personally wear a mic but don't speak. That way I get to listen without people knowing I am...

I play a lot of co-op with friends, so it's a must.  Besides, we talk a lot before, during and after the game.  If it's someone I just met, I think it's a must there too.  And I paid good money for my TB X11. 

I hate wearing a mic, I only do so when playing with people that I know.  I've got no interest in talking to strangers.  Mics should never be required. 

I never wear a mic when I play with randoms.

I can only talk to friends due to my privacy settings.

However each time when I get curious and enable "All Chat" I end up regretting it.

I hate wearing the damn mic lmao.

The only time I use it is when i'm in a party with friends. If people throw a tantrum or boot me like in Left 4 Dead and what not so be it, I just join a new game.

I tend to wear a headset out of habit but rarely use the mic unless it's someone I know.

I like to feel free xD

I hate having that thing on. Plus I hate hearing peoples voices unless I know them. It really makes me want to just like scream SHUT THE **** UUUUUPPP!!!

^^Heck.  I scream that even when I'm not playing online.

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