Are Left4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 worth getting? I do not have LIVE.

How do these games compare to the COD zombie mode, which I love?  Are these games good for someone without LIVE, who only plays campaign games and games with things like HORDE or ZOMBIES or SPEC OPS?




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You should go with Dead Island.

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definite no,don`t bother.

If you do not have Xbox Live do not get L4D1 or 2. I can't stress that enough. The multiplayer is the reason this game will be spinning in your console for weeks or months to come. The single player is literally a training ground for the multiplayer. Like LOL AT UR SKILL said, go with Dead Rising or Dead Island if you do not have Xbox Live.

The first Left4Dead is great fun in single player and the AI are actually useful.

Left4Dead 2 however isn't so good. The levels feel just that little bit too long and the melee weapons which should seem fun are not because the first person view in gaming sucks for judging distance.

The Left 4 Dead series is pure garbage and based around multiplayer gameplay.  The community also makes the Call of Duty community look like angels.  Bad stuff, this Left 4 Dead...

They're kinda boring...but they are split screen.


If you want a zombie game, go with Dead Island...just got it today and it seems pretty good and much better as a single player game.