Are Hardcore mode players looked down on by treyarch?

So I switched from core to hardcore way back in MW1. But in each release, I've juggled between the two modes depending on who I'm playing with. Some friends like core, others are hardcore only.


Now I'm more of a fan of hardcore (I wont give it the spiel of why, and end up in a flame war), but it seems the hardcore gamers are losing out. I've noticed when the nuketown game mode pops up, it's only core (I'd guess thats cos it would be difficult in hardcore mode, so I'll accept that one) But the new maps can only be played exclusively in core, and if us hardcore mode players want to play them, we either drop back down to core, or hope and prey they come up in rotation (if they do at all right now?)


Also theres the game modes.....there's some extremely fun modes in core that arent implemented into the hardcore game type, why do we only have 4 game types? I'd love to play a game or two of hardcore domination, or hardcore demolition!


Any other hardcore players out there feel let down a little?


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I like HC but certain gamemodes just dont suit it . can you imagine throwing a nade into a packed room playin HQ or hardpoint , you will spend more time getting kicked into the lobby that playing ;0) . I wonder if this partly affects their decision not to include all modes

If you think that hardcore would be more popular if they put in more game modes you would be dead wrong.

There are a lot of reasons why core has always been a more popular mode than hardcore, and always will be.

And before you start with a  *core fanboi* BS i was a hardcore only player for around 300 hrs on the first black ops.

While i found there were a few positives to hardcore that removed the negatives from core, I found that there were more positives to core than hardcore.

And thinking that only adults play hardcore is immature in itself.

LMAO at some of you kids trashing HC, as a campers paradise, you idiots have no idea what you ae even talking about because you don't play HC, Twice as many people camp on core than Hc because of the always on radar, It takes way more skill to play HC by a mile when you factor in how hard it can be to maintain a scorestreak when you don't get any health regen and die by 2-3 bullets rather than a whole clip on core. I'd prefer the kids to stay on core but love stomping them 100-40 when they make the journey over/

@ zombie

This is one point exactly about hardcore!!, if you shoot first you get the kill ( and this is great), sadly there isnt much more positive about it

not much but about the same with the lag

So HC doesnt lag or have any lag comp?

You can play the new maps in HC. Just look up a Normal HC lobby, I get all the new maps on it.....

Headless ADD chicken gameplay (which they are going for) doesn't really bode well in hardcore.

HC playlist traffic isn't big enough to justify adding more playlists.

i agree that they should have more modes for HC, or have atleast 5 and cycle through all the game modes and keep the 5 that are the most popular.


I also think they should bring back the old CTF (without the kill icon always on) and they couldnt complain about people hiding with the flag either because with the way ghost works you would be seen with a UAV up up if you arent moving anyway.


Put both modes of CTF on and after a month remove the one that is the least popular, simple as that, same goes with the other modes.


But the only opinions they seem to take from people outside of devolpment are the 1-2 hundred people that play MLG ect..........


its not hard, they can add/remove game modes at will, any time of the day/week

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