Are glitchers banned in Gears 1?

Hi, recently I decided to pick Gears 1 up again to play through the campaign again before September 20th but got a little bored so I went online to do some "Player Matches."  I was playing and there was one guy who would not stop "Kung Fu Flipping" and "Crabwalking", eventually we got on Gridlock and he decided to "Skydive."  I was just wondering if Epic is still banning people for glitching on this game, if I can get proof of them in video?  I know for barrier breaking in Gears 2 you get banned if you are reported with video evidence to Joe Graf.  I told him that I thought he would get banned if someone reported him with video evidence and he said you only get banned for doing it in "Ranked Matches", and that Epic doesn't care what you do in "Player Matches."  Is that true?


Any help is greatly accepted,



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That's what I thought too, I didn't figure Epic didn't care since I know they are pretty good about banning people in Gears 2 and alot of the Gears community for some reason likes playing Gears 1 better.

That's incredible!

What about reporting him directly to XBL - Stephan Toulouse also known as Stepto, he's the Director of Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement at Microsoft. On XBL you are not allowed to do anything such as that and it's hard to belieive Epic one of Microsoft's important partners doesn't care.

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