Are Freedom Cry and Liberation Worth Playing?

The subject says it all. I normally am not one to ask if a game or any game related content is worth purchasing but moneys tighter than usual right now. I'm not broke or buying it all together would be irresponsible. I'm mostly wondering if I am truly missing out or if I can wait a few weeks and keep leveling my character in Skyrim through legendary skills until I hit lvl 252.


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If you enjoy the series then it's worth a play to be able to complete different missions and explore new areas. Liberation has different types of missions than the other games in the franchise. Freedom Cry adds more fun to Black Flag.

I asked the same question and then ended up getting both!  They're both pretty good.  Freedom Cry seemed easier in my opinion and was more fun.  Liberation was really glitchy for me.  4 or 5 times so far it's frozen and I've had to restart my xbox.  Another time I was swimming in the bayou and somehow fell through the map and died in the middle of a mission.  

If you can only get one or the other - I'd definitely recommend Freedom Cry first.  

I enjoyed both. The only time I had freezing issues in Liberation was when an ocelot attacked me in the bayou and I tried to do the QTE. The odd thing is that whenever this happened, the camera, pause, and map still worked. Only Aveline and the ocelot were stuck in position.

so you would recommend getting freedom cry?

I was about to ask the same question and saw this. I've already beat the main game, looking to get the DLC to extend it a bit. I might go and do that now then. :)

Liberation is honestly not worth buying. I bought it because I'm a huge AC fan but there isn't much there and you can tell its a psp game because of the lackc of story and it honest plays like AC3 huge open areas of nothing and everything feels like a chore. I honestly only bought it because they mentioned it briefly in Blackflag and I wanted to see how they would handle the first female assassin. Honestly Freedom Cry is alright but it dosen't enhance the story at all and much like Liberation is only there for you to play as the first African assassin. Its signifigantly better as it plays just like black flag and at least somewhat gives you something to work for but honestly the pay off is not that great. Its fun to play through though but it can get repetitive quick. honestly save your money