Are achievments activated for DG yet? Spoiler!!!

I have the new DLC, but had been avoiding anyone who might tell me of the Dawnguard, then I went to Markarth thinking I'd run up to my house for new enhanced heavy armor for Lydia, as soon as I get there DeathHounds are attacking with a Vampire, suffice to say I have the quest Dawnguard now :(

I have gone nowhere near the place yet, have I missed the achievement, or does that come after joining a faction? I have two collars from the dead mutts also. Thanks!


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Yeah.  They are fixed.  Have to side up first to get a cheevo.

Thanks RMA. I am on it.

Can you clarify for me.  You were attacked by vampires before you even had the Dawnguard quest?  

Very close after I downloaded the dlc, I encountered two death hounds, and a Master Vampire (in bright daylight) running amok in Markarth just inside the front gate after I fast traveled there. The guards and a few others were in a fight with them. I killed a dog and the MV with my bow, someone else killed the other dog. They were not close enough to attack me persee, but had they been I'm sure they would have. Afterward I looted them and an Orc came up to me and offered the quest. Does this answer your question sir?

Yes.  There is currently a big debate on the Bethesda forums as to whether or not this DLC is game breaking, and if you were attacked by vampires BEFORE you got the dawnguard quest, regardless of the length of time between the 2 happenings, it proves it is game breaking to at least some, and that is unacceptable.  The problem comes from the fact that unlike the dragon appearances, you cannot control the vampire attacks, and, if left unchecked, the vampires can actually wipe out all non essential npc's and ruin multiple quest lines.  There is talk that even after finishing the DLC main quest, the attacks persist, which means that any persons game, through sheer attrition can wind up void of all but essential npc's and thus effectively ruin everyone's chance at completing certain quests.

The only anomaly I've come across is excessive vampire sightings. Which I don't really count as game breaking since most of the time their blending in with society