Arctic Recon on vet or in 3.30 ...

anyone wanna try for it  ?


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It wasn't to hard to be honest. On vet it took me about 6 minutes and then after I completed it I played it on regular and beat it in 1 minute 30 seconds for the other achievement. The only achievement I need on MW3 is 48 stars in spec ops... I'm at 40 :P

Kittens, if you'd like I can help you with that. :)

I wasn't even trying with my random partner and we finished at around 3 mins 55 secs. And we werre even both new to the mission :) So I guess if you really tried with someone and weren't all like "okay, now where exactly am I supposed to go?" then it wouldn't be tough to do on veteran either.

It is a pretty easy mission. I managed to beat it on veteran myself and then run through it on regular for the chevo. All the spec ops missions are pretty easy to be honest. If anyone needs help with any of them, I'd be glad to help. Just shoot me a message. :)

Still have every achievement in this game.