Archylte Steppe: Bawses.

So... about 'dem bosses.  I've pissed all over the Long Gui multiple times and I'm unable to talk to anyone for the other 3 monster quests.  I have all 3 green cactuar statues, I have the yellow one, obviously, am I missing a red one?  I even have that broken gate unlocked.


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The red one's have nothing to do with the time gate being locked. It's just the Gigantuars locking it. There is about 3 Red Cactuar Statues.

I need help with this too!  I have beat the 3 gigantuars, unlocked the gate but still no one to talk too.  I have entered and exited the Histor Crux multiple times.  I am getting annoyed.   What could i be missing?  Please help!

I figured it out.   Not only do you have to beat the 3 gigantors but you also need the 5 red and 1 yellow cactor statues.