[Archived in the pages of forum history] Forum Regulars Leaderboard- Version 28.5: The "Tailor" Edition

Well, welcome to another version of the Forums Regulars Leaderboard. As you can see, this one is "The Tailor Edition". Why? Well, because it's part of my gamertag and also because is part of what we do here: we tailor our experiences around games, talk about them and discuss techniques on how to get that achievement that's missing.

Some members come and go; some are here for a long time, but the spirit is always the same: talk about two of our passions - videogames and the Xbox 360 (or the other way around). I remember when I first tried to join the Leaderboard. A lot have changed, and I would like to take advantage of the opening post to thank all the work Zen Like Calm put in this thread daily.

Here are a few this you must know:

Zen Like Calm is in charge of the Daily Tracker. The top five players of the day before, all the changes in the Leaderboard and anyone who has achieved a milestone.Here's the link to the spreadsheet.

Major Rebirth is the one who does the Gamerscore Challenges. Sign up, and try to unlock as much Gamerscore as possible.

Well, that's all you need to know about this. Just have fun (and stay on-topic)!

The list for making the next thread:

29 - Mini Evil Panda
30 - ShadowMonkey987
31 - A for Amnesty
32 - isturbo 1984
33 - CovertBike
34 - MacsterChief Qc
35 - MLCodest
36 - xDJNeLLieNeLL
37 - NuclearDronkeys
38 - Xterma Nader
39 - Drzg
40 - Bluntman1138
41 - Lavindathar
42 - xxDinosaurus

I would like to dedicate this version of the thread to kiki kat. Here's to you.


Good people of the Xbox forums, here it is: the first Forum Regulars Leaderboard of the new forums. Enjoy![:)]



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aaaaannnnndddd here we go.  now I shall work on rounding up the peeps and let them know it's here now

I see they added the general forum finally.

   Sweet! It's good to see this thread up and running in the new forums. They are going to take a lot of getting used to, so a familiar thread is welcome site.


   Gaming wise: I've been playing a ton of Portal 2 lately. I'm getting close to the end in both the single and co-op campaigns.


    I'm really enjoying it, and aside from a few minor glitches it's a great game. I still need to hug three people on my friends list, so if anyone needs that shoot me a friend request. I will be on until around twelve eastern tonight and tomorrow.

We needed a  place for this thread to be housed and so people wouldn't be so lost.  Thus the forum was born.  Also I was trying to prove that feedback counts.  :D

On a related note I just got Prince of Persia in the mail from my forum leaderboard gamerscore express mart or as it's commonly known GameFly.  Excited to play this series again.

Some game specific forums are now appearing.



Awesome. Thanks for the notification, Scratch. And good on on v28.5, GT!

Nice to see this thread return.

On a achievement related note, I've been slowly gaining Gamerscore in Mortal Kombat. That game is doing a great job of keeping me occupied until L.A Noire releases next week, I can't wait to start unlocking some of the achievements in that game, they look really fun and challenging.

Well, between forums I bought and Windows Phone 7, so I'm trying it out, buying some games and finally unlocking some achievements away from my console and PC.


Besides Flowerz, Fruit Ninja and Project Sunburst, I have been working in my Portal 2 campaign and also started Crysis 2 and Homefront. It's going to be a busy weekend.


Also, it's good to see some familiar faces around here.


PS: Can't wait for L.A. Noire.

Sweet. GT made another leaderboard thread!

I just finished up Torchlight.  Well, achievement-wise anyway.  I want to start getting all the pieces of armour/weapons together for complete sets, and get some embers transmuted as far as they'll go...I think I'm hooked. 



I'll post in here even though I probably won't be on much for a while... unless of course they revert to the old forums, or at least drastically improve these ones.

Is this thread only going to 25 pages because it's 28.5? I think we stopped around page 25 or 26 on the last one anyways.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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