Archery Skill Tree Help.


I was looking at my archery skill tree last night and my level is 85, but when i looked at the bottom of the tree my number was 15 in bold red???

I thought i may have been poisioned so i went to chapel to have the diesease removed, I also took potions, and waited 2 days my number is still 15?

will my level go back to 85 when i level up?

Thanks for your help.


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Are you adding those points to your archery build. all that 15 means you are not using your skills or not getting training ...

Sorry Riven probably didnt explain properly, My Archery skill level is 85 ,but when i looked at my archery skill tree it says i am now level 15 in bold red numbers? i thought i may have a disease, so i got blessed and my level is still 15, i slept waited taken potions and i am still 15. I read online that this can happen with any skill tree, i was wondering if anyone had any experience of this firsthand? it does say online when you rank up it should re set? i have played for over 100 hours and never had any issues at all. thanks

Well, try to boost some other skills to get you to level up.  If they say that fixes the problem... did you try that?

No I have not tried that actually, will give it a go, I think i have just come across a bug, hope it goes lol

Doesn't spending time in jail diminsh some of your skills ?

i havnt spent any  time in jail, i just think its a bug in the game that has made my archery go from 85 to 15, i ma hoping it resets when i level up....

doesnt certain armor cause negative effects on some attributes?

This is a well reported issue.  I have seen several people post about this on the forums here, on multiple occasions.  It always seems to be the Archery skill, and it always seems to be repaired by simply leveling again.

I can confirm that leveling up restores the display to the correct value, had the same thing happen to one of my characters this morning.