Archenemy 3 VS 1 Game Glitch

While playing a game of Archenemy online with two other friends in the past two days,  Once the Archenemies LIFE Total was below 10, the game stalled like it was syncing. We waited maybe 7-10 minutes, until one player had to leave  i guess for the game to completely sync or get back to it's moving on phase then it worked. Well I'm also in XBOX LIVE Chat tonight where two friends of mine are live players w/ 1 AI player versus the 1 Archenemy, and when the Archenemy was first at Life total 8, it then synced and Archenemy life total went to 3. Then the game stalled again and wouldn't sync til someone left the game?  

Is anyone else seeing this problem or having any similar issues. There has to be others please post!. Please Stainless Game LTD., Fix this issue.


Reverence Sinn aka SCOTTLE


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