Arch-Mage quarter's?

I just finished the The Eye of Magnus and was named the arch-mage. If I store gear there, is it like a home and safe?


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Yes. Any place that is considered your room will be treated like a house. This includes your regular room in the college when you first start and I believe the room in the companions. Not too sure about the dark brotherhood when you start though.

I would keep your gear in the room you get at first when you join the college. Going up to the arch mage's quarters requires what, 3 loading screens? If there was a teleport point directly to the arch mage room then it'd be worth it imo. As of now I just use Breezehome and the room in the hall of attainement or whatever it's called lol.

If only Breezehome had an enchanter table, it's the only place I would ever use.  I like how it's right next to the forge so that I can slow walk back to my house in only a minute or two.