Arch-Gaming Recruiting for Next Gen

Hello boys and girls 

I've recently started up Arch-Gaming, a new clan/community with several of my good friends and top gamers I've met through other clans over the years, and our goal this time around was to really be a bit more ambitious and create the next big multi-system community out there. And that's something we really feel is important, because having had a lot of experience with several clans and gaming communities out there over my many years as a gamer, it seems that almost all of them tend to associate themselves with a particular camp/brand as they establish themselves. That's fine for some, but often it also opens the doorway to a very closed minded attitude in which people stop being simply passionate about gaming in general, and that leads to some very hostile behaviors, I'm of course here mainly looking for future X1 players, but if you're a PC gamer, or interested in other systems you'll feel right at home with us as well.

Now, with new consoles coming out, this is the perfect time to take a chance and establish a clan from the ground up that will instantly be a recognizable force to start the next gen. After all, what better time to make a name for yourself than when the overall user base is still fairly small.

Let me say right off the bat, if you're looking to just jump into a tried and true clan, that's been around for ages and has hundreds of members you can fall in line with from the go....Arch isn't what you want right now. We have experience, we have some great guys, tactical minds, and beast players. We are experienced at league play in shooters, having won championships over at WGL for games like Battlefield 3, and we also have one of the best MMO guild leaders from the United States as co-leader (I'm not exaggerating, he's done everything from WoW to Eve and established top ranked guilds on all of them). We have a beautiful site, and a lot of ambition. But we are very much at square one of this journey. That means what I'm looking for first and foremost right now, is a few more ambitious people with experience, that are interested in helping us shape what we hope will be a very successful international gaming community.

If you're somebody who likes to constantly jump from clan to clan, we really can't use you right now, no matter how skilled you might be as a gamer. What we need is people who can commit to the long haul, and put in the energy with us needed to establish Arch in the way that we envision it.

Anyone who fits that bill, and joins up before mid November will be considered a founding member.

Of course anyone who just wants to join up as a more casual member, to use our site as a means of catching up on current gaming news, or is maybe just looking for some good team mates during their occasional multiplayer sessions is also more than welcome, and yes we will still love you

You can check out our website over at

If you have any questions, you may ask them here or send me a PM. Of course you can always reach me on the Arch website, or get in touch with me on XBL. If you're interested in PC gaming with us and have any questions concerning that, please contact Arch Lilitharia or Arch Mustacio through our website.

and thanks for your consideration


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