Arcade Games for 400 MSP

is there any games, i just wan't to buy one that has multi-player, no messing about with trials, thanks :)


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^^Agreed. A 15 minute game max.

Sonic the Fighters is 400 MSP, but to be honest, it should have been priced at 80 MSP or at maximum, 160 MSP. It isn't worth 400 MSP.

Here's a list of all XBLA games.

You can sort them by price and it also says which have multiplayer. Though in my opinion the online multiplayer is not a very strong feature in many arcade games. Most don't have a very big community either.

Hybrid is a multiplayer game, it's on Deal of the Week at the moment and only 400 points I believe. I don't know how many still play it though.

3 very easy games to complete, are Virtua FIghter 2, Fighting Vipers, and SOnic the FIghters. 'rAll three games are based on their SEGA originals, and take about 15 minutes to get 400G on. They're 400 MSP each. I might buy Virtua and Fighting Vipers, since I have 800MSP burning a hole in my pocket.

Not any that I can think of. Most are 800 or more.