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Hello everyone

I want to buy an arcade fight stick to play with, but the only one that Xbox one supports is the MadcatZ KI tournament edition and it costs 200$.. is there any other arcade sticks that you can buy or is this the only one supported?


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That's the only one supported natively. It's a great stick. I love it but there is alternates if you buy a Cronus max. Something I personally wouldn't recommend but it allows you to connect numerous other sticks to the xbox one. I think the Cronus max costs around $60 and whatever stick takes your fancy.

either that or you can mod in an XB1 PCB to one of your older sticks to make it tournament eligible.  I have the TE2, which so far is worth every penny.  I'm still modding out the stick, actuators, swapping the circle gate that comes with the Crown 303 stick on order with an octagonal gate, and then adding in some new GamerFinger buttons as I find the stock TE2 buttons too sensitive. I actually just picked up a MadCatz SFIV PS3 stick at a killer price on eBay, and I have my eye on one more that is a MadCatz TE SFIV 360 stick.  Both of these I plan on modding for 3 way compatibility with my 360, PS3, and XB1.  Normally, I'd point you to a super informative thread over at the DH forums, but another great place to get all of the info you need is

I hope this helps!

I guess by todays date I am posting this new stuff has come out....I found the Mayflash F300 supporting Xbox one and its reasonably priced. Any thoughts on this one? .... MOST IMPTORTANTLY...., would there be any reason why I couldn't hook two of them up on the same Xbox one for a PvP match?

Luckily the PC version supports Xbox 360 fight sticks so I can still use my street fighter 4 tourney stick