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Complete the ladder with all fighters.  I'm trying to get this achievement.  Does anyone know:  if I use 2 fighters that I have not completed the ladder with on the TAG ladder, will this count as beating it for both fighters and give the endings?

Because I completed the TAG ladder with Cyrax and Sektor and It reavealed both endings in Nekropolis. Thanks.


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It counts for two fighters when you do tag ladder. I am 100% positive

For me, it did the ending for the first character I chose in Tag ladder, regardless of which finished Shao Khan.  I dont know if it will count both toward it.

It does count for both characters.

In my experience it doesn't count, I only got credit for the character that got the final hit against Shao Khan (I had to do Sektor again after doing the Robots Rule Achievement).

It counts, I'm fairly certain. Considering it gives you both endings you technically beat it with both characters.

It does when I was getting the robots rule achievement I got sektor's ending to watch but when I went to cyrax to see if I had his ending and it showed up also so you are compleating it with 2 characters but you will only get 1 ending to watch but the other character's ending will be unlocked also thus counting towords the achievement

Considering you gain both endings, I'm fairly certain it counts. You also beat the game with both characters in your possession. Only one way to really find out, though.