Arbiter in halo 5!!!!

Who thinks thinks the arbiter should come back in halo 5


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I don't. I think Halo 5 should be a cool new experience and shouldn't be one of those games with reoccurring enemies. Of course the arbiter would be cool, but I feel Halo 5 has more potential than that.

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I think that the Arbiter most definitely deserves his own game because at the end of Halo 3, he goes home and I'm pretty sure that if the Arbiter met the Covenant in the Halo 4 Campaign, he would have issue with them  LOL  :)

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The thing with the Arbiter meeting the "Covenant" from the H4 campaign is that it would just be H2 all over again in that Arby would be having to deal with the "Heretics." I feel like we should just let Arby be and focus on Chief.