AR, Needler.

AR, Needler, has anyone noticed a difference to there fire power lately?  Seems to me that one full clip just isn't enough anymore.  I have been using a clip and half to kill someone with full shields when I swear that all it took was 3/4 of a clip before.  I just started noticing this over the past week.  anyone else thinking the same thing?


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The homing mechanic with the Needler is screwy sometimes. Whenever I use it, it seems that my needles won't track down the guy even if he's barely moving. Left and right movements make it really inaccurate for some reason. It's usually the opposite when I'm getting shot at though. I figure that moving left and right to dodge some needles will work for me like it does against me, but it never does.

I haven't noticed any change in the Needle Rifle however.

Ya, I have noticed that to with the Needler Noble.  Used to be a guarantee kill with the Needler.  Seems as if its been toned down a little.