Appearantly the Duelist is impossible to get...

So I look on youtube, look on gamefaqs, see all this wonderful advice, yet you put it into practice and it doesn't work. Use the Hammerthyt(sp), take speed all the way down to level zero and still not working. Sure I may get one or three blue swings, but they soon go back to normal and my hero is flailing about uselessly....


Anyone have any luck? How did you do it? Using the Hammerthyst is not working, constantly spamming X with the Dianchi not working as well, both are the most popular pieces of "advice." Seems pretty silly when they don't work in practice....


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It worked for me. It's not about pressing the button rapidly, it's about the timing of your pressing the button. Does take practice.

Its a *** to get lol but it is possible it just takes a little concentration is all. If all else fails you can join a friends game and witness them getting it for the first time.

Also btw a sword was the ONLY way i could get it especially while using the daichi

It's simple. Just use sword, press X twice every second and you'll see the blue swings.  Keep pressing for 5 to 6 seconds, you'll make it:)

I used the slowest weapon I had and I got it first try. Also I got it with out even killing anyone. Just down a path and timing the swings.

I got is easily... With a rusty cutlass.

All I did was hit X each swing and got the blue stuff on the sword. Gotta be timed right, but keep doing it for a while.

The Duelist pops for many players without even trying, i.e while just playing through the main plot. However! Many many others have serious issues, I dunno whether we lack some kind of Mountain Dew IV or something but it can be a total pain.


The trick you want to pay attention to in the video you saw above is not to even look at the blue swings but go to Knothole Island, on the frozen lake or somewhere you won't hit anything, a villager or a wall etc and concentrate on the tempo of your swings (using the Hammerthyst), start of slow and with each swing get a lil/progressively faster.


I have a friend who swears blind that you can work out the timing and do it via a metronome, I'm tone deaf so not only will I refuse karaoke nights I also haven't got the foggiest clue on how you could do the same, I just played with making my swings a lil faster each time I swung.

I got it on my first attempt at it. U just have to time it correctly (:

I also tried using the hammers to get this achievement as in the vidieos, I could not even get one blue swing.  I finally did the following:

1. Lowered my speed to a level 3 (takes less swings to get to the full speed, about 5-7)  (Level 5 can take up to 20 swings)

2. Went to the Chamber of Fate, right up to the edge (any cliff will do) with the daichi (but the master katana will work as well)

3. Positioned the camera in front or facing my hero. I found that I could see the blue swing better and get the timing better.

4. I just continued to tap the x button, not holding it down and not rapidly pressing the button.

5. Kept doing this until I saw the blue swing, then I sped up the tempo of the tapping.

I had been trying to get this for the last month, it was very satisfying to get it on my own.  Plus I don't know if I can do it again, the conditions were just right.

I hope this information helps.  Keep trying and you will get it.  I am not the best at using these weapons so if I can get it, you can get it as well.