Apparently you can save cars that you don't buy?

But only certain ones I think... ones you can't buy from car websites in-game. For instance, I really wanted me the Ocelot F260. I didn't see it available for purchase on any of the websites, so I kept the one Simeon wanted me to get for him. It costs something like $12,000 to make it yours ($2k for a tracker, $10k for insurance), then you can do what you want to it. All I noticed is that it can't be put in my garage... that's kind of stupid, but the car *is* essentially mine, since the mechanic will bring it to me if I call and ask.


Sorry if this is common knowledge. I thought it was pretty cool and useful.


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Pretty weird..I've never heard of that happening. I've got two F620's. One from a High Priority Vehicle quest that Simeon wanted, and one that I found by my house. Both are able to be put in my garage.

Also before I log off I grab an extra F620 by driving around in mine and put it in my garage; for an easy 8,000 when I get back online.

You can put an Ocelot in your garage to store it anyway.

^ Not from what I've noticed.

I have an Ocelot and I originally parked it in my garage before taking it to the mod shop. I also have no problem with reentering my garage with it. So does one of my friends.

I think this happens with the Rumpo van as well. Can't store it in your garage but I think it can be brought to LSC. The minute you can enter a garage or LSC, you can put a tracker on the vehicle you are driving, which will allow it to become "technically yours" but may/may not be garagable.

Any car valued at less than 100,000 you drive in your garage off the street will be saved in it and a tracker will be added to it for free. The most valuable one you can get for free is the Felon GT at 95,000 (sells for 9500). Then after that, you take it to the mod shop and buy insurance if you want to keep it and be safe if it gets destroyed.

Maybe you are having a problem because you bought the tracker at the mod shop instead of getting the free one you get when you drive a car in to your garage(garage obviously can't be full or you will receive message asking which car you want to replace).

I keep 2 or 3 Ballers in my garage so I can sell one every 48 minutes.

I got to save a dead hooker in my garage in the Buccaneer.  One of my crew shot her while I was doing the wild thing.  Next thing you know I drove my car back to the garage.  She was laying in the car.  Then I took elevator back up to my place.  Then later came back down and she was still in the car yet.  Will be funny just driving a dead hooker around town for jokes.



(LSSD Deputy accent) "Pull the vehicle to the side. We need to have a little chat".