Apache: air ****

After playing too much LA Noire I wanted something new, a game that I normally don’t play and I chose Apache: Air ****. I am still up in the air about most of this game it seems to be a mild OK for me but it does have its moments that drive me wild with frustration.

It seems you can’t get enough altitude to hover over your targets although I am still playing in training mode while I get use to flying these choppers then I will switch over to Realistic mode where I am sure my altitude issue will not be there.

Graphics I really have no rebuttal because I don’t have an HD TV therefore, I have little to comment on graphics.

The game play well I believe this games choppers could use a bit more stability mode when flying those birds. They do seem to be a bit hairy to handle they may have better handling mode if I used a flight joy stick but right now controller is my weapon.

I do like the weapon modes ever since I experienced the C-130 in COD it felt cool to waste those white dots on the ground as it does in this game of Apache. It seems when using the hover mode your bird seems to handle like a brick and you’re a bit out of enemy view until you get out of hover mode. Then, you choice your cockpit mode and before you now it you’re heading into the ground. Flying these choppers in the game takes allot of time getting use to I guess the best method is keep flying to get better. Then you have radio communications totally out of flight sink meaning while the radio chatters comes over your flight movements are totally out of sink before you are told to fire on your targets you already been under fire and have unloaded all your heat seeking missiles, what gives; I haven’t a clue.

Achievements are easy to collect and there are some you will have difficulty on even if they were handed out by girl Scotts. Some Achievements popped open while I was flaming into the ground see what I mean. Anyway, I don’t think this game is worth $40.00 bucks you might want to rent the game just for the achievements otherwise, the game could be made much better.


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Well some of your points I agree with, it does take some practice getting the hang of this thing with a controller as far as flying it, I was considering a flight stick, still on the fence about buying that.  I do make sure I have enough altitude before I hit autohover and get into FLIR mode, which also I think is great and I also first liked it same place (game) as you did.

On other places on the internet it is touted as one of the more realistic flight sims available for 360 and I agree with it, if it wasnt it would not be taking us both time to get a better handle on it....but to me that is a good thing, If someone wants to just hop in a jet lock on targets and shoot and thats all to it then great for them but I want it to be tough to fly, I thought Falcon 4 SP2 where it took 5-10 minutes sitting on the ramp just to start your engine was great though to give you an idea of how I like the difficulty.  I am still in training mode myself, was going to wait for harder levels for the stick, and I am playing on a 55" 1080p hdtv so I can say that to me anyway the graphics while not stellar are not bad either, especially when you go into the radar modes.  

One thing that I can pass on that I have just figured out is that not only is the left trigger that you zoom with range sensitive according to how far you pull the trigger in but also the FLIGHT left and right thumbsticks are this way as well...in other words on these thumbsticks instead of moving either one of them to the all the way up or down position they are also sensitive to how far you are pushing them....once I figured that out it helped quite a bit, hope all that made sense. BTW if you ever need a coop partner feel free to give a shout.  Peace.

And here I am pushing the right stick all the way forward it seemed if I hadn’t  I was sure thought the ground would be in my face. I will try your tips and let you know if it help me or maybe I am just one old fart with heavy hands and wants nothing more than blow crap up LOL…tanks again.

watch this its so funny...


Get off of Training Mode, it ruins what helicopter experience there is.

Fly on Realistic, and many of your flying problems will be solved.

And I feel sorry for you that you've bought it for $40 USD.

The computer version is less expensive, and gets support.

Also on the PC version there is versus mode and a mission editor.


I was really upset before because I bought for $50 for the Xbox  when it came out and then Activision blocked Gaijin from updating it.

So I bought the PC version when they had a sale for it.

Gaijin will be working with Konami for their next game, so hopefully Konami will be a better publisher.



The graphics are not so great on the Xbox, it definitely looks better on the PC.

I have a MadCatz Xbox 360 controller that I can hook up to my computer so my gaming experience is the same.

Also I've seen that Rage Quit video before as well.

Why does everybody complain about the controls?

They're not difficult.

Like most games, the whole controller is in use.

But here's the funny part, Apache Air Assault does not require you to press buttons as much as Call of Duty does.

In fact, you don't even need to press the Y, X, Left Trigger, and Left bumper buttons to play the game and beat it on Veteran.

The right stick button isn't even in use either.

Yet everybody doesn't seem to get it.

Good for you, you want a medel ...I'm doing it my way...not your way....then I'll go on to the other modes...if that's Ok if you.

I just reread my post and I've made a horrible impression.

It's just that this game got hammered for its "difficult" controls.

Sure not everybody gets it the first time but the critics are hard core gamers whose lives are dependent on playing games for a portion of their living and yet they can't seem to get the controls right.


Anyway, I hope that you have fun with that game.

But please do try Realistic/Veteran mode, it's what makes flying fun.

the game is awful all the way down to the terrain......

No offense but if I wanted to fly on the PC it would be flight sim X with my Saitek X52, our discussion was about this game on this platform.  This game started out at the same price it is today....it has not went down a dime, cant say that about alot of top xbox games. My point is for us that want a decent 360 challenge of a sim we got two choices "Over-G" or Apache....I like the challenge and I can honestly say I have spent 60 bucks on so many games that turned out to be garbage that it's nice to find a decent title for a good price, different strokes for different folks, I would not have been upset even if I had spent 60 on this, but then again Aviation has been most of my life.  Oh, and killer video Riven ha, Peace.

I'm glad that you've liked this game.

I'm just not happy about Activision blocking Gaijin from updating their game.

The stuff Gaijin has added for the PC would've been so nice to have on the Xbox.

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