AoV Recruiting good TDM Players

We are a good small group of guys who play for fun but win.We aren't MLG or GB and also are not a community we are just a clan looking for good players who play TDM, but we don't like losing with scrubs so we have requirements.


-Working Microphone
-W/L ratio of 1.0 at least
-K/D ratio of 1.60 at least

If you qualify message me on xbox live my gamertag is AoV BraZiL.

These are our members
AoV BraZiL(Me) 1.39 W/L Ratio-1.96 K/D ratio

AoV Goblin 1.56 W/L Ratio-1.87 K/D ratio

AoV Kira 1.96 W/L Ratio-2.68 K/D ratio

AoV Sopa 1.48 W/L Ratio-1.61 K/D ratio

AoV KroniiK 1.01 W/L Ratio-1.76 K/D ratio

AoV Nameless 1.84 W/L Ratio-2.12 K/D ratio

F e N o M x 2 1.54 W/L Ratio-2.30 K/D ratio

O FK ITZ WANTED 5.79 W/L Ratio-2.53 K/D ratio

SDCAL87 2.32 W/L Ratio-2.60 K/D ratio

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yea im good yo, i sit in a corner with a motion sensor and a shotty and i use second chance pro!!! hit me up i wanna join!!!! i am awesome. oh i am twelveteen years old too!!! let me in!!

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