Anyway to get into the restricted area? (May Contain Minor Spoilers)

So, Ive finished the main game, only have to finish Riddlers challenges then Im done, but, I was wondering, if theres anyway to get into the Restricted Area.

Ive tried to climb to the top of the Wonder Tower, then fly off, but, that didnt work.

Any other suggestions?


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Unfortunately not, Wonder tower and the processing center where you start the game are the only parts of the restricted area that you can access.

you can get to the top of the tower to do the base jump achievement.

What "restricted area"¿ Wonder Tower is the restricted area, as well as the Old Gotham area that's at the Wonder Tower foundation. If you're talking about the area where the helicopters are parked/ you can't get there.

Wonder Tower is accessible at the end of the game.

A little confused about this area myself - if I can't get in there until I complete my first play through - how do I get in there to get the last Titan Container i need to get.

If I remember correctly, SPOILERS

After you fight Ra's Al Ghul you will have to go through the area where the Titan Container is to get to the Subway. 

^^ ah thanks dude thought it may have been a story part I'm up to that now just gotta go down there to continue following the assassin, but taken some side mission detours. Cheers

I am not 100% sure if it is after that part but I do know that I did get that Titan container before the last part of the game.