Anything Changed?

Hello everyone. I used to play NFSMW and then took a hiatus from it. Thinking of returning, but want to know: how's this game been lately?


I've already seen the extra DLC that has been added (Terminal Veolcity looks like an absolute rip-off IMO) and of course, the usual EA-brand DLC (Timesaver Packs). Is this game worth comign back to? Please be BRUTALLY HONEST! ;)


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No one can answer that question for's the same game, with some DLC. New cars, new areas to explore, new events, new mods, etc.  If you liked it before, you'll like it now...if you don't want to get the DLC, then obviously no, nothing's changed.

"No one can answer that question for you". You just did :P


I mean the DLC looks nice but it doesn't seem like anything major has changed. If they come out with a "police-themed" DLC, maybe I'll come back but right now, I'm enjoying myself in Ibiza and Hawaii on TDU2.

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Is this game worth comign back to?


That's the question I was referring to.