Anyone else noticed sometimes the cars handle great and then the next race the same car seems almost uncontrollable while in an online race?   Raced at Hockemheim earlier and my car had no stopping power and understeered like crazy in ever corner.  I race with assist off and have since day one


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That's just lag bro. Aggravates everyone, just have to adjust depending on the lobby. How do I get my car to hop is what I want to know? Where is the jump button?

Remember your tyres and brakes are cold at the start of the race...


haha - yeah - good point. where the button that moves me from 100 yards ahead of someone, to 4 yards behind them, then 100 yards ahead again? evyone else seems to be able to do it....

Each track has its own friction control.

^^^^ thats tru

Yeah, it's the same way with the Alps. If I'm in the mood for some hardcore drifting, that's the track I like. Though, it blew up in my face, some days back. Ended up on my roof, just sliding slowly down a hill for about 10 minutes.

 Since some tracks have different times of day (sunrise, mid afternoon, sunset ect.) Would that have any effect on grip if any?  I read somewhere that the game simulates track temp.

@BigJon2K11 Yeah, location and time of day affect your tires and such

Another thing to remember is that the host of an online lobby can change settings, such as which assist can be on and such, though its probably the track and time that's affecting you.

 I've run some test laps with different time of day.  Comparing lap times, tire pressure ect.  It does have an effect.  I've done some tuning and have noticed improvements.