Anyone Want to trade?

im willing to trade my Commando Dom for any of the two Locust which is the Grinaider Elite or Savage Kantis pleaase!


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I'll say it again.  If you want either of those characters then walk on down to Walmart or type in and place your pre-order.  How is that so hard?

What DutRank said. Easy. Why did you pre-order in the place where it gives you Commando Dom anyway?

I dont want to pay for the full game im already getting  Epic edition!

Because Game Stop is write down my street lol!

[quote user="cALi Terrocity"]

I dont want to pay for the full game im already getting  Epic edition!

[/quote]Then that's too bad.  That's the whooollleee point of pre-orders.  Get on ebay the day the game comes out and buy one.

ill find away thanks for being such a punk about it by the way your Movie you know Captin America sucked thank god i seen it on Kick @@@.

im getting all of them.

i preordered the  GOW3 ... i got the EPIC edition.. mainly for the statue of Marcus. That will look great with all my other collectors stuff   sooas i get a shelf to put it all on   Halo Reach statue , Blackops RCXD car,  DUKE Statue, etc etc.. Having the different skins  doesn bother me.. as i dont  care  what my character looks like .. it all plays the same.

BUT   the samething  with buying it from different places.. i bought the KISSOLOGY   dvd  volumes 1 through 3  not at the same time of course   but each volume has a different bonus disk  depending on where you buy it....  i didn tget the LIVE bonus concert that i thought i was going to get but oh well.. the rest of the set makes up for it hehehe!..     I just dont think  why have DIFFERENT  bonus stuff depending on where you purchase it?!?!  it is stupid.!..   so i fyou want  to colect all BONUS  concert disks   you have to buy the WHOLE set like many times..   thats totally lame!!